A music publisher represents the works of a songwriter, i.e. the songs, the music and lyrics. Sometimes the songwriter is also a performing artist, a producer, or in a band. The music publisher and the songwriter has a common interest in exploiting the songs to have them recorded, released and performed.

Eva at Smilodon loves to see music live, so we tend to work with songwriters who are also artists. In order to help our songwriters release music, we have our label for international digital releases on all platforms, as well as physical distribution.

Our publishing catalogues Smilodon Songs and KarGaz Music contains well over 300 published copyrights in all genres, moods and styles.

SMILODON SONGS is also the proud Scandinavian sub-publisher of JUST ISN’T MUSIC, music from UK labels Ninja Tune,Big Dada and Counter Records. You seriously need to check out their music. Excellent stuff.

We offer a quick stop shop for synchronisation or other licensing, as we often can clear both publishing and recording rights at the same time.